5 pieces of work advice you should definitely ignore

The office is full of people of all different ages, and a nervous youngster can often be heavily influenced by the older, more experienced employees in a company.

Don’t let yourself become subservient to the whims of your seniors though. A lot of the advice flying about the place can be terrible. So you’re going to want to take everything with a pinch of salt.

From tips on how to climb the ladder to clues for making friends, here are five pieces of work advice you should definitely not take as gospel.

1. Take what you’re given

Salary level can be a tricky topic when starting a new job. But you should definitely not just accept anything the company wants to throw at you.

The pay should reflect your living expenses and cover them more than adequately. There’s no point taking a tiny salary if it means your life is a miserable struggle for financial equity. A happy worker is a productive worker.

2. Get a job now, even if it’s something you don’t want

Uh uh, stick this one straight in the bin. Your happiness is far more important than just getting a job.

Of course, financial necessity may mean you don’t have a choice, but it’s always better to wait until something you want to spend the majority of your waking life doing comes around the corner. You never know, it could be straight after you reject this offer…

3. Find a career in something you’re good at

Again, this is terrible advice, probably the suggestion of somebody that hates their job.

It’s far better to look for a job you really want to do. Of course, if you’re terrible at it, it’s going to be tough to progress, and you’ll be found out soon enough. But even if you’re not so confident in your abilities to start out with, as long as you’re a quick learner you’ll be the best worker in the company before you know it.

4. Pick the job that pays the most

Yeah, if money’s the most important thing in your life then sure, go ahead. But we reckon it probably isn’t, so ignore the person that slings this piece of advice your way. They don’t know what they’re talking about.

5. Stay where you are comfortable

This is a sure fire way to stagnate and never reach your potential. Sure the working atmosphere in your office should be comfortable and friendly, but the work should stretch you into becoming the best version of you possible.

Enjoyment is still paramount of course, so the stress levels shouldn’t be so high they ruin the rest of your life, but hard work is good work all the same!

Now what?