5 online resources you NEED to land your dream job

We talk a lot about the quintessential ‘dream job’ here at List For Life. Namely because we believe everyone deserves their’s, regardless of what it is. Want to be an assistant to Leonard DiCaprio or a podcast host? We’re here to help you become the best you, you can be. 

And it’s easier than ever to turn fantasy to working reality. The internet is an unlimited and constantly evolving tool for job-seekers and career-weavers alike. Mashable has collated the best online tools you can utilise to land your dream job, enjoy!

1. VisualCV

We’ve created a great wealth of achieved pieces emphasising how crucial it is to have a strong CV game but VisualCV cuts out the hard work. From both a design and content perspective, users can constantly reinvent their resume with a variety of templates, embedded video and CV tracker to see who is paying attention to your experience.

2. Live In The Grey

Live In The Grey is an online community and forum that encourages a culture of work/life balance. The site offers resources, articles and challenges for those daring enough to ride the curve to self-improvement. You might not find your dream job here, but you’ll curate the mindset of someone who deserves it.

3. HireArt

Start-ups are the place to be right now. The rate at which they’re expanding means that a fresh graduate can be working their dream job by the age of 25. HireArt maps the start-up scene and finds you the position and company best suited for your attitude and abilities.

4. Poachable

While headhunters and recruitment peons will unabashedly fill your LinkedIn inbox with torrents of false hope, covert platforms like Poachable are the honest route to working your way out of a mundane job. Employers can browse a library of talented workers looking to make a move and snap them up on the sly.

5. Good.Co

Sometimes it’s okay to not know what your dream job is, especially if you’re early into your career. Sites like Good.Co have a similar model as those gaudy job-finder quizzes but rebrand them with positivity and openness.