5 of the best ways to structure your day to maximise productivity

Mental fatigue is something we can all fall prey to during the working week, especially if the 9 to 5 starts to fall into routine. Don’t let it drag you down, but instead consider how you can best structure each day to get the most out of yourself!

Here’s 5 easy ways to structure your day to make the most of your hours, and to ensure that it goes by nice and smoothly!

1. Get ahead

Plan and prep as much as you can the night before. This can be as small as planning your outfit or prepping a lunch to take to work, or bigger picture tasks like the overall structure of the following day and what you want to accomplish.

2. Structure your day wisely

Tackle tougher or more creative tasks earlier on in the day when you have the most energy. If you go into your day with a ‘top heavy’ attitude, where the more time-consuming tasks are completed first, your afternoon will be lighter and will leave you more time for admin tasks.

3. Dedicate time to your inbox

Set aside an hour in the afternoon to tidy up that overflowing email inbox. Any emails that don’t require urgent attention can be addressed during this period. This will mean that you aren’t constantly interrupting tasks to check emails that can be dealt with all at once.

4. Get outside

To avoid mental fatigue, take yourself outside of the office during your lunch break. A change of scene will refresh you and will ensure that you don’t start to feel chained to your desk.

5. Change it up

Try structuring your meetings differently, whether it’s a walking meeting outside, a ‘scrum’ meeting where everyone stands, or having a ‘drop in’ period in the afternoon where you keep an hour or so open for co-workers to discuss issues with you.

Now what?