5 most affordable cities for students

The year abroad is a staple for many students looking for that extra special learning (or not) experience. But with fees soaring above what our bank accounts can cope with, are there any affordable cities left anymore?

The answer is yes. You just have to look off the beaten track a little. That’s right, Latin America or the Far East are the new Utrecht or San Francisco.

That’s according to the QS Best Student Cities 2015 report anyway. They assessed student cities based on their student mix, desirability and employer activity. Check out the top five below, and prepare to be surprised.

taipei berlin munich mexico city vienna affordable cities for students

1. Taipei

The capital of Taiwan, Taipei is home to over seven million peoples so you won’t be short of potential friends that’s for sure. Although we doubt they’ll understand the hilarious jokes scrawled all over your freshers welcome party t-shirt…


2. Mexico City

Considered by many to be one of the most dangerous cities in the world, you might have to do a little parent convincing to even be allowed to head to a place like Mexico City when you couldn’t even handle Sheffield’s night life.

But with James Bond’s Spectre highlighting how much ‘fun’ the ‘Day of the Dead’ festival is, can you miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity?

taipei berlin munich mexico city vienna affordable cities for students

3. Berlin

Back from the exotic we travel as we progress down the leaderboard. Well known for its awesome clubbing scene and cheap as chips beer festivals, Berlin has been a student staple for decades. Remember to bring your lederhosen…


4. Vienna

If you’re on the cultured side of campus Austria’s capital city could be your ideal overseas destination. Mosey on down to the State Opera House on an evening and be wowed by the world-leading national orchestra; or maybe a weekend trip to the beautiful Schoenbrunn palace is more your thing. Hangovers will not be a thing in this gorgeous city.


5. Munich

Germany just can’t get enough of you Jäger-swilling students can they? Next on the list of study-abroad cities is southern stronghold Munich. It’s not just a cheap alternative to the capital though, with Oktoberfest heralded as one of the best winter festivals in the entire continent.

Now what?