5 hidden qualities of successful students

The Christmas holidays are nearly upon us. But that means one thing for students – a huge pile of essays and the dreaded reading list to get through. But don’t worry, here are five ways to fast-track your way to success.

Here are five hidden qualities all successful students have which you can learn from. Bring on the essays! (Sort of!)

1. They ask questions

Don’t be afraid to ask your teachers what they are talking about. Asking is a vital part of learning. Go and see a tutor and probe for answers. The most successful students know the importance of listening but also that asking questions is how you can open your mind further. There could be a quicker way to solve that problem with your essay, but how will you know unless you ask the question?

2. They switch off

Successful students know that they can’t be on the phone texting all the time AND learning. Switch your mobile off during lecturers and you will find yourself actually listening.

3. They DO (not just say that they will) 

A really useful tip is that most effective way of learning is by doing. You can read a hundred books on how to swim, but until you actually go and jump into a pool you won’t ever really know how will you? It’s the same with your degree. Don’t just think that you will find all the answers you need in the books on your reading list. Go to a museum, explore online or even visit a lecturer you wouldn’t normally have taking your class for a new perspective.

4. They are disciplined during work time…

Discipline is vital during work time, particularly if you are doing a degree that involves a lot of self-study. Sitting in your room staring at the computer is something we all do, and it can be so easy to just go and switch on the TV instead. How else are you going to catch up with Made in Chelsea? But no, focus and get the work out of the way and then you can watch all the shows that you want.

5. …but they also know when to take a break

Work hard and play hard. You have finished all your homework so now is the time to go out and enjoy yourself. You’ve earned it. Blowing off some steam will also make you more ready to get back to your work tomorrow.

Now what?