5 hacks for a healthier working week

Hmm Haribo, chocolate cake, doughnuts…are your office days just full of temptation? No resist! This week is going to be the healthiest week of your life, we promise. We know that you want to be healthier because you’re reading this – our five hacks for a healthier working week. So we’ve actually already got you trapped. Don’t mention it.

Thank us when you lose a few pounds and feel a whole lot better!

1. Bottle it

A re-usable water bottle is the perfect way to ensure you get the right amount of fluid in your body at all times. Not only is hydration crucial to all parts of the body (especially your complexion, it turns out), but it also keeps you cool and calm – dry mouth isn’t cool when you’ve got a 30 minute deadline upcoming.

As an added bonus, try and make a water goal each day, and hit it!

2. Put yourself on hold

Not strictly an in-work hack, but leaving your phone on the other side of the room when you go to sleep is our favourite way to ensure a good nights sleep, and limit the Facebook scrolling after midnight.

Arrive fresh to work in the morning and without the terrible worries of the Kardashian clan’s latest Vine mess up…

3. Happy hour’s over

Limit yourself to one (low calorie) alcoholic drink in the evening if you must head straight to the bar.

There are tons of other fun things to do, but if the pub is your thing then one and done is your motto for the week. Just order soft drinks for the rest of the evening.

4. Stair master your way to a healthier you

You heard us, get up those steps.

The lift certainly isn’t your friend for the next few days, that’s for sure. And if your office is on the thirtieth floor (yeah, we believe you…) why not get the lift to the tenth and hop up from there?

5. It ain’t easy being green

No, we agree. That morning double espresso is literally what fuels us for the next twelve hours. Except it isn’t really, we’re just being dramatic.

Swap out your cocoa-induced frenzy for a refreshing herbal tea and be amazed at how much youthful vigour washes back into your overworked body. We promise.