5 habits you should NEVER pick up at work

If you’re one of those people who is always blaming your 10 minute delay on ‘commute issues’, or trying to sneak in a quick nap at your desk, then you might want to rethink some of the habits that you’ve fallen in to at work…

We’re taking a look at 5 of the worst workplace habits that we might all be guilty of from time to time, and why you should try to avoid them.

1. Water cooler gossip

Try and stay above office politics, because an office that breeds an atmosphere of distrust and gossip becomes a negative space. You can be seen as an instigator or someone who thrives on petty drama, rather than someone who is there to work. Be aware of events around you, but don’t be the one to pass on speculative information.

2. Lateness

Sometimes a little delay can’t be helped, especially if you’re relying on the District Line. However, if you are continually late, you run the risk of appearing as though you think your time is more important than those you have kept waiting. You will be seen as someone who is not reliable because you cannot keep to a basic schedule, and it will set your entire day back.

3. Poor presentation

We all have those days where we might not have had time to wash our hair, or maybe we aren’t wearing our most professional of outfits. But don’t make a habit of this, because although you should be comfortable at work, you should still be mindful of the professional context.

4. Negativity

Don’t be the office whiner. It will get everyone around you down, and you will become known for fixating too much on a problem, rather than being the person to fix it. Be aware of how your mood affects others, and don’t spend too much time dwelling on things that you are unhappy with. Take a pragmatic approach to things not going your way and be as positive as you can at every obstacle you face.

5. Inflexibility

If you appear too inflexible to changing circumstances, then you won’t seem like a team player. Whilst it’s important not to be a push-over, it is equally important to appear to cope well with situations not going your way. If something is dealt with differently in your current workplace compared to your previous one, then you must accept this and learn to adapt.

Now what?