5 great tips you need to remember during your job hunt

We all know how long and tiring the job hunt can become, and multiple knock-backs can leave you feeling dejected.

Here’s 5 tips to keep in mind during your search that will make the process a lot easier!

1. Be yourself

Make sure that in every application, you let your personality show through. Potential employers will receive countless applications, so you need to make sure yours stands out, and the best way to do that it by showing off your character.

2. Find a mentor

Attach yourself to someone with experience that will be able to guide you through the job hunting process. Even if they don’t work in the same industry, if the person is established in their own career path, they will have had similar experiences and will be able to impart wisdom.

3. Keep the faith

Don’t forget to give yourself a break, and don’t get disheartened by rejection. The search for a job can be long and arduous, so you need to remember to give yourself a pat on the back from time to time. If you apply for 10 jobs and only get one interview, then that’s still one potential success.

4. Get feedback

Get all the advice you can from rejected applications and find out where you went wrong and the areas that you excelled in. Take note from every rejected job application. Turn to friends and family for advice and learn from their own experiences of searching for jobs.

5. Network

Turn every meeting, event and contact into an opportunity. Talk to everyone you can not just to find potential work, but also to learn about the industry. Even if you don’t encounter people in a formal business setting, turn it into an opportunity to show off your personality and establish a new contact.

Now what?