5 FREE apps that will get you out of bed tomorrow morning

We believe (wholeheartedly) that along with the Pyramids at Giza and the Niagra Falls, the seven wonders of the world should be extended to eight, to include our ability to drag ourselves out of bed in the morning. And we’re not kidding.

Sometimes that pillow feels just too darn soft to remove from our face just for some silly thing that pays our wages. You understand?

So sometimes we need a little help. Which is where these great free apps come in.

From personalised alarm calls to socialised bed time, you’re going to need these five lifesavers tomorrow morning. We promise you that.

1. Wakie

If you’re one of those people who just doesn’t do communication before at least four double espressos than Wakie is for you.

Easing you nicely into the day’s conversation, you can be woken by another Wakie member, and even wake up other members too, with a quick and easy 60 minute online chat.

Available for iOS and Android

2. I Can’t Wake Up

A digital alarm clock for those who will really fight for that extra ten minutes in bed.

The free app just won’t turn off until at least eight different tasks are complete. Meaning you’ll be awake by the time the beeping stops, and ready for the day ahead. Genius!

Available for iOS and Android

3. BetterMe

One of the more sadistic entries in this list is BetterMe, the wake-up app based entirely on public humiliation.

Basically, every time you snooze the alarm function it posts a message to your timeline telling all your friends how lazy you are. Although we reckon they probably already know this?

Available on iOS and Android

4. Morning Routine

This app literally forces you to get out of bed on time. With no snooze option available, Morning Routine’s alarm function requires you to scan the barcode of certain items around the house before it is silenced.

Apart from being a full proof way of getting you out of bed, it could also get you on your way to making breakfast in the morning. Just don’t throw out anything before resetting it…

Available on Android

5. God Morgon

Like the idea of waking up to your favourite radio station every morning, but can’t stand the new DJ? Well why not cut out the middle man with alarm clock app God Morgon.

It’s linked to your Spotify account and will automatically shake you awake with your best tunes. It’s free too, although you’ll need to shell out for a Spotify Premium account (£9.99 per month) if you want to ditch the ads.

Available on iOS and Android

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