5 do’s and don’ts of a telephone interview

As Paul Bailo, the CEO of Phone Interview Pro, says: “If you cannot get through the phone interview, you will not get the job. If you cannot get through the first date, you will not get married.” 

Getting through a phone interview is terrifying but also absolutely necessary. Here are 5 vital do’s and don’t of telephone interviews you need to know about.>1. DO – Research and plan out what you are going to say

Try and be as prepared as possible for a telephone interview. Obviously you can’t know what you are going to get asked but you can try and guess. Get some answers ready and make sure you’ve done the groundwork. Find out as much as you can about the recruiter and read the job description a few times over before the call to refresh your memory. Another good tip is to write down some questions you have for the interviewer.



2. DO – Prep your environment

Tell your housemates that you will be doing a phone interview. Turn off the TV. Only use speakerphone if you are sure there won’t be any interruptions. According to Paul Bailo, the CEO of Phone Interview Pro, you should also dress up for the interview; he says “Wearing business attire will pump you up for your phone interview — giving you confidence that you can conquer the world!” Don’t slouch in bed in your pyjamas.

3. DO – Be enthusiastic but still professional 

You want to sound animated and enthusiastic, but not too overfamiliar. Don’t start rambling as if the interviewer is a friend. Take a breath and think about what you want to get across. Remember to listen. It’s fine to pause and ask for clarification if you didn’t hear or understand something. A good tip is to get a photo of the interviewer up and look at it whilst you speak to them. Yes it sounds a bit freaky but it can actually help you feel like you are connecting to the person. If you can’t find a photo of them, get up a picture of someone you take seriously or an authority figure. You don’t want to be chatting to your interviewer like they’re your BFF – they won’t respect that.


4. DON’T – Have lots of background noise

Don’t eat during the interview. You can have some water nearby in case your mouth dries up, but don’t be sipping coffee or doing anything distracting. It doesn’t sound professional to be slurping on your frappuccino whilst being questioned on your skill set. Make sure your phone is on silent so there isn’t loads of background noise of you getting texts. Don’t reply to messages during the interview either, you won’t be listening to the interviewer properly if you do. Give them your full attention, not that guy you’re messaging on Happn.

5. DON’T – Look in the mirror

People say that looking in the mirror during a telephone interview will make you more aware of your speech. It’s actually a distraction because you will become focussed on your reflection and not what the interviewer is saying. Instead look at your CV or even at a wall – nothing that will distract you.

Now what?