5 common factors that decrease productivity for Brits

Whether it’s exhaustion from a heavy night or inability to focus because of an onslaught of emails, we all have our triggers when it comes to distraction from work. A recent study has looked into what factors make Brits least productive at work.

The survey into health and well-being in the workplace polled over 21,000 British employees from a variety of industries to explore what exactly affects their workplace productivity.

The results may be unsurprising in parts, with lack of sleep being the main cause of an unproductive day, as well as stress from pressure in both personal and work life situations.The data has been collated by Britain’s Healthiest Company, a new initiative aimed at demonstrating how the nation’s employers are focusing on the health and happiness of their employees.

Interestingly, the results, as examined by the University of Cambridge and Rand Europe, revealed that there was little correlation between alcohol consumption and smoking, and the ability to perform at work on a short-term basis. This may have different results on a long-term basis, of course. Not that this is an excuse for really investing in #ThirstyThursdays, but do with that info what you will!

Take a look at the top 5 causes of an unproductive day, and see how many you need to address in your own work life.

1. Sleep deprivation

According to the study, participants who reported less than 5 hours sleep performed lower than those who had had a more restful night. It also revealed that those who initially did get less sleep demonstrated improved productivity once they began upping their hours to 7 or 8 a night.

2. Personal issues

Concerns over financial issues at home in particular have been revealed to be a huge source of distraction in this study, particularly the issue of unpaid care for family members.

3. Workplace bullying

Victims of workplace bullying reported higher levels of absenteeism throughout the study, avoiding the office to avoid their bullies. A lesser extreme of this is strained relationships with colleagues, which also caused a drop in productivity.

4. Deadline stress

Tight or unreasonable deadlines are an obvious source of stress, and they can often work against you when it comes to getting things done. In the study, 45% of employees taking part revealed that a tight deadline, or feeling swamped at work, actually caused a drop in their performance at work.

5. Physical discomfort

Factors like muscular or back pain are a huge source of distraction, and the study revealed higher rates of loss to productivity in participants who suffer from chronic muscle pain.

Now what?