5 super clever ways to raise your IQ

Feeling less than brainy after a hectic year of all work and little play? Feel like your mind could do with a workout? Then read on for our five clever ways to raise your IQ.

From everyone’s favourite chill out hobby to making brain testing fun, this list is a sure fire way to have you on University Challenge before you know it.

Trust us, we’re super smart (because we took this advice).

1. Get out there and exercise

Contrary to the popular opinion that sports stars forsake brains for brawn, getting regular physical exercise is a great way to also give your mind a workout.

It’s also essential to get positive endorphins (that are released when you exercise) flowing around your body. You want a bad day turned good? Go for a run. Trust us.

2. Video games ‘r’ us

Another common stereotype de-bunked, we are on a roll today! But seriously, playing video games is an excellent way to stimulate your brain and get the mind in gear.

Even science has shown that 90s gaming craze Tetris leads to more efficient brain activity. As players become more proficient at the game, their brains show a reduced consumption of glucose (the body’s main fuel). Can’t argue with that!

3. You’re a poet and you didn’t know it

Exercising the brain through writing increases visual and kinetic stimulation, sending your IQ rocketing to the stars.

So pick up the pen and step to it! Keep a diary, send hand written notes instead of emails, maybe even try scrawling with your non-dominant hand (to work out the other side of your brain. Trust us, it works).

4. Vegetate

No, we don’t mean slob out on the sofa for the rest of the week, we’re talking about ditching the meat and going veggie.

Burger lovers won’t be happy, but several scientific tests have linked vegetarianism to high IQs. So if you wanna be brainy, don’t eat brain…?

5. Expand your boundaries

If you feel like you’re stagnating then it’s time to branch out and expand your horizons. Learn a new skill, join a club or meet new people, anything that’ll get your brain to navigate through new things and grow in the same way you do.

Art, sport, music, they’re all new avenues your IQ needs to be taken down and taught to enjoy. It’s fun anyway!

Now what?