5 career lessons we can ALL learn from Beyoncé

From kicking an unfaithful man out *to the left*, to why women rule the world, we can take a lot of #inspo from Beyoncé’s music. But what about her business decisions, and work ethic?

Here are five fierce career lessons we can all learn from Queen Bey.

1. Prep

Beyoncé prepared for her legendary Super Bowl performance by watching ‘every single halftime show in history and taking notes‘. Impressive. So you may not be performing to a stadium full of people, but next time you have to do a presentation at work or uni, make sure that you are fully prepared. It will show.

2. Set #Goal

In a Harvard University case study, the researchers found that Beyoncé set herself clear goals for the release of her 2013 self-titled album. She wanted fans and critics to experience her tracks at the same time, she wanted to make a music video for every song AND she didn’t want anything to get leaked. Big goals right? You too should set yourself goals, aim high and push yourself. Success comes to those who do.

3. Embrace teamwork

How good were Destiny’s Child? Know that working in a team can bring brilliant results, just like Bey. This is a really important skill in the working world, it can be tricky to work with people. Yet you should appreciate that you need to work with others to progress yourself.

4. Find the most productive work environment for you

Bey has a New York office, but she prefers to work on the go. She knows that it is important to find the best work environment for productivity. If you have an office job make sure that you get out, take your lunch break, move around and you will work better. If you are at uni and have a lot of self-study time, why not work in a park or a cool coffee shop rather than in your room?

5. Know that you are #flawless

Queen Bee knows her worth. You should too. Women do run the world, after all. Bey knows that she should only make a deal if it benefits her. When she gave iTunes the rights to carry her self-titled album, did she give it up easily? No. iTunes had to stage a store takeover to promote her album.

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