5 gyms that won’t break the bank

Limited funds standing in the way of you and that dreamy beach body? Fortunately for you, not all gym memberships need to break the bank and even the most modest of salaries can set you on that path to building those killer abs.

From Bradford to Birmingham, there’s a whole host of cheap fitness options for you to choose from. Take a look at our hotlist here.

1. Fit4less – from £16.99 per month

With 44 centres in different towns and cities up and down the UK, Fit4less isn’t short on customers. But that hasn’t led them to bump up their prices that’s for sure.

Providing membership from as little as £16.99 a month (12-month contract) in some branches, this chain makes sure you feel the pinch in your muscles, not in your wallet.

They even offer a £19.99 a month deal with no contractin some places. So you can cancel your membership whenever you like.

2. FitSpace – from £9.99 per month

What’s that, a tenner a month? Are you mad? That price is almost unheard of in gym land, and quite frankly, we’re scared.

But we needn’t be, FitSpace is a small company with only eight gyms dotted about the country. Still, if you’re lucky enough to have one in your town, get down there, pronto.

3. Pure Gym – £9.99-£25.99 per month

Don’t be fooled by the £9.99 monthly fee advertised here, that’s only in Bradford, and your hardly likely to move just for a cheapo gym membership are you?

But Pure Gym are still great, trust us. Their current 20% off deal, as well as no joining fee is a steal. And they’ve got centres literally everywhere, so join up now!

4. TheGym – from £10.99 per month

The big draw for nationwide chain TheGym is their 24-hour opening policy. So you can literally get your gym on anytime you want. Perfect for the super-busy career people out there.

On top of that, there’s no joining fee in selected gyms right now, and they don’t tie you down to a contract either. You know it makes sense.

5. Fitness4Less – £15.99-£19.99 per month

We’re starting to see a pattern with the names here…

But really, it makes sense for Fitness4Less to be called that considering their rock bottom prices. Membership also includes some classes too.

The more expensive plan has got swimming benefits tagged on at centres with swimming pools on site. Not bad for a gym and swim combo.

One downside is that most Fitness4Less gyms are located in London, with a minority elsewhere.