5 best sites to find the perfect CV template

It’s been to long since you last revamped your CV. Since it looks like a sample page for Times New Roman and still includes “WHSmith Sales Assistant – 2 months” it would be advised to put some time, effort and thought into creating the one page that could determine whether you get your dream job. Luckily, you can use a CV template and make the whole ordeal 1000x easier.

Nowadays, everyone and their mums have a decent understanding how to use programmes like photoshop and illustrator. The benchmark for CV aesthetics is very high at this point in time. A CV shouldn’t contain every little bit of your life story, save that for your LinkedIn.

However, who has the time to learn how to design? Especially if you’re working full-time, learning how to design for the sake of CV sounds like it’d be a low effort-reward ratio. That’s why we are all thankful for CV templates!

Why bother learning a skill when someone much smarter than you can condense the difficulty into a template and give it away for free (or for a small fee)?

Here are five amazing sites you should be looking at when designing a new CV.

1. Career Perfect

As well as some great free templates, Career Perfect has a range of brilliant articles for all the advice on building CVs you could ever want. The site also has a CV template section especially designed for every industry you could ever want to work in.

2. Google Docs

This one seems obvious but Docs offer a gallery of great CV documents created, rated and ranked by the Google-using community.

3. Instant Resume Templates

If you can excuse the Americanism, this site has a wealth (125) free to download templates. Most of them are pretty simple but allow you, if you know how, to give them your own flair.

Image credit: Instagram - @mobileofficelife

Image credit: Instagram – @mobileofficelife

4. Microsoft

The big dogs of the internet, Microsoft actually offer quite a few free CV templates. By quite a few I mean ‘literally endless’ but are organised well so you should be able to find what you’re looking for.

5. Monster

Spanning over 20 industries and professions with at least 5 templates per category, Monster is the place to look if you’re applying for a niche job and want that design edge.