5 best music bloggers to follow for career inspiration

The music industry can be a nightmare to break into and get your first job. But, for some people, it seems to come easy.

These people are the career gurus of the entertainment business, they blog, post and tweet their ways to serious success. Never heard of anyone like that? Want to work in music? Well, have we got the list of music bloggers for you.

That’s right, below are the biggest and best names to follow in the blogosphere.


1. Midem (@Midem)

Annual conference Midem is the musical equivalent of Cannes Film Festival, and is not one to be missed.

They tweet all through the year about future, current and emerging trends in the industry, as well as engaging with key figures in the music business like Pharrell Williams.

Their YouTube channel is equally impressive, showcasing clips of commentary and discussion on a huge variety of topics to do with the conference.


2. Steve Rennie (@RenmanMB)

Long-serving manager of US rockers Incubus and founder of Renman Music and Business, Steve Rennie knows a thing or two about getting into the music biz. So listen up.

With a whole host of content geared at inspiring and mentoring your entrepreneurs, ‘The Renman’ is your one stop shop for educational and career-focused info designed to get you into a job.


3. Sunny Stuart Winter (@sunnynorwich)

Music industry blogger and PR Sunny Stuart Winter has been working in the music industry since 2005, and he’s already built up a social media following of thousands.

Follow him for new bands tips (ultra important for a music head) industry insight and brand promotion.


4. Berklee Online (@BerkleeOnline)

With an extensive online blog and video library, Berklee Online – an extension of the celebrated Berklee College of Music – is a fantastic resource for degree courses and music business content that you can’t find anywhere else.

An incredibly high level of quality, Berklee is a free academic resource unrivaled on the Internet.

5. New Music Seminar (@NewMusicSeminar)

Got a hankering to get in the music biz? Then New Music Seminar is the place to be. Taking place annually in June within New York City, the NMS is one of the most influential music industry conferences in the world, and has attracted such names as James Brown and Ice Cube over its 25 year history.

Follow for more of the same invaluable insight, but throughout the year instead.

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