5 best April Fools’ pranks from companies we thought we could trust

Happy April Fools Day everybody! (Alternatively: We’re Sorry You Got Made An April Fool By Clever Pranks Day). It’s that one day of the year where the news can’t be trusted, every door could have a bucket balancing on it and the people that invested in whoopee cushions at the beginning of the financial year are about to get a big payout.

To celebrate this nefarious holiday, we thought we’d reminisce on the companies that we totally thought wouldn’t be able to pull off April Fools and did so anyway. Here are the top five companies that, in the last few years, totally broke our trust with these amazing April Fools pranks.

1. Elgoog

The crowned kings of the internet, Google, have never disappointed when it comes to celebrating national and international holidays as demonstrated by their top-notch doodles. Last year’s April Fools pranks pushed the limits online but Google kept their’s pretty simple. By typing in com.google. you’d land on a totally backwards Google – even the search results arrive reversed!

2. Netflix therapist

Netflix subscribers were met with some judgement when they logged onto their computers on 1st April 2015. As well as their favourite shows, Netflix featured some special PSAs noting the dangers of binge watching. My personal favourites were “Call Your Mum”, “Get Off Your Butt” and “Go Outside”.

3. Groupon cat delivery service

Groupon’s newest app Grøüber introduced a new feature that allows users to “order cars driven by cats from your mobile phone. Grøüber uses GPS-guided red lasers to direct feline drivers from pickup to destination.” Amazing.

4. The Samsung smart-knife

With wearable tech and smart-houses just around the corner, it’s not unrealistic for Samsung to start working on developing the smart-kitchen that comes with smart-utensils to prepare smart-food for your smart-mouth. In a long line of tech pranks, Samsung came through with the Galaxy BLADE edge, the first knife with smartphone technology installed within.

5. Honda selfie

Possibly the most unbelievable of the bunch (well, not the cat one) but Honda released a press ad for their new model, the Honda HR-V SLF. “Many cars have a back-up camera, but this vehicle has 10 selfie cameras throughout the interior and exterior. Drivers can snap photos while the car is in park and upload them immediately to their social media pages.” Maybe this one was a bit one the nose…