5 artists to listen to that will get you through Friday

The weekend is so close you can almost taste it. But you’re losing concentration at uni/work because all you’re thinking about is tomorrow’s brunch, Netflix and chill. Well we have a little secret to help you get through today.

Research shows nine out of 10 workers perform better
1. Sigur Ros

2. Debussy

Classical music has been scientifically proven to help workers solve maths problems. So if you work with numbers, wack on a bit of Debussy’s Suite Bergamesque on Spotify
3. Caribou

Canadian musician Dan Snaith (aka Caribou) has been tearing up the UK festival season this summer with his psychedelic brand of house-electronica. Dance music is said to aid proof-reading and problem solving
4. Pharrell

King of the earworm, Pharrell Williams’ latest album G I R L rocketed to the top of the charts; give it a spin in the office, and so will your concentration levels. Research shows
5. Miles Davis

Most jazz is instrumental, so there are no lyrics to mess with your thoughts. Miles Davis super-famous record A Kind of Blue is ultra-relaxing too. Slap on a pair of headphones and let the sultry sax lines wash over you. Stress? What stress?

Now what?