5 alternatives for working when your office is out of action

Nightmare situation simulation: you’re on the way to your office and you get a notification on your phone alluding to a reality where there was a gas leak or the pipes broke and the office has become unendurable.

In this hypothetical, you’re too far away from your home to work and the office just isn’t an option. You need to work but you’re pretty much stranded in the middle of a city – what do you do?

The first thing to do is not to panic. Don’t start calling your friends up asking if you can come with them to their office for the day like some twisted ‘bring your unequipped friend to work day’.

As long as you work on a laptop, which more and more people do, all you need is somewhere warm and wi-fi generous to get your business taken care of. Here are five places you can work if the office is out of action.

1. Google Campus

If you’re looking for somewhere cool and buzzing to work, be sure to swing by London’s Google Campus in Shoreditch. A membership is free and it comes with access to their underground work space and cafe. Be warned, it ridiculously hot and busy past 9am so get there early.

2. Air BnB

This is a bit cheeky but if you do try it, let us know. If you live outside of your working city, why not rent out a cheap Air BnB room with a few co-workers? It’ll be a quiet personal space with access to wi-fi, a kitchen, a toilet and a bed if you need a power nap!

3. Cafes

Groan, yeah I know, but the modern coffee shop is the freelancer/uprooted worker’s dream. We’ve moved beyond the age of judging those brave enough to whip out their MacBooks at coffee shops because everybody does it. If you can find a comfy chair and don’t feel the effects of caffeine abuse too bad, this will work a treat for you.

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Image credit: Instagram – @SlackHQ

4. Hotel receptions

Again, quite cheeky, but if you walk purposefully into any hotel in London, you shouldn’t be questioned. My advice is to hit about three hotels a day, sitting in their reception working for a few hours and move on before your trail gets too hot.

5. The streets

Keep it on the streets, man. Buy yourself a wi-fi dongle from your network provider and breathe in that city atmosphere. This is a preferable method if it’s warm out or if you’re too chicken to follow through with the other plans.