5 alternative ways to increase productivity

The 9 to 5 grind might be getting you down, and it may come to a point where you feel bored and in need of a routine change, without actually quitting your day job.

Don’t let monotony set in and reduce your productivity levels! We’ve got 5 alternative ways to structure your week that might aid in mixing things up a bit and make your work load seem less of a burden.

Admin days

Make Monday your ‘admin day’, a day in which you set aside time to complete all of the irritating but necessary tasks that crop up throughout the week. By completing everything on one day, you will save yourself time over the rest of the week that would otherwise be wasted. Set aside Monday because you will be refreshed from the weekend, and this will ensure that you can spend the rest of your time wisely.

Exploration days

Accepting that you cannot be productive 100% of the time is a must. Rather than trying to force yourself to juggle your entire week at a glance, set aside regular days as ‘exploration days’ in which you can go away and think about the bigger picture, whether it’s long-term projects or your career goals in general.


This is a simple method of prioritising. Front loading involves bringing the more crucial projects to the front of your schedule, so something due at the end of the week isn’t just left until Thursday, but rather dealt with in advance. This eliminates the pressure of a time crunch and will leave you feeling much more in control. Your to-do list should get lighter as the week progresses because you have worked through the main tasks earlier on.

Get outside

Walking meetings‘ are slowly becoming more of a thing. That is, rather than holding your meetings indoors, try getting outside every once in a while and taking a stroll. With increasing attention on how we can combat our sedentary lifestyles, this alternative allows for fitting light exercise into your working day.

Basically, take some of your Friday meetings outside and walk around. This will help get creative juices flowing, and will keep people focused on the task at hand. Adding to this is the fact that people may make their points quicker if they have the added pressure of a designated walking time!

Cut back

A 4 day week might not fly with every boss, but an increasing number of businesses are trying it out. Getting the balance between your work and home life is crucial, and with anxiety and stress counting for 11.3 million sick days in the UK from 2013-2014, many are questioning whether there needs to be a change.

Now what?