4 ways Twitter can help you find a new job

With sites such as LinkedIn, other social media platforms may often be missed as a go-to place to find a new job. And while it may be not as fun as finding filters on Instagram and reminiscing about old school friends on Facebook, the power of the hashtag on Twitter to the next step in your career.

Following the right accounts and searching useful trends could be the key to you finding your next dream job, so here are 4 ways to use a 140-character post to find the right job for you.

1. Make use of your pinned tweet

Many people might not know about the option of pinning one of their tweets to the top of their Twitter feed. Whether this is a link to your LinkedIn profile or your latest blog post, by doing this you’re in control of what the first thing is that future employers see about you and what you’re about (instead of your last tweet about your need for coffee).

2. Follow the right people

Not only do many companies have their own Twitter accounts already that you can follow, but there are Twitter accounts that are specifically there to tweet out job vacancies in certain sectors, such as @journojobuk for journalism jobs and @fashionworkie for all things in fashion. But also find out key people in the field you’re interested in, such as editors and CEOs, and follow their personal account to keep up to date with the industry and any insights.

3. Use your bio as your CV

Your Twitter biography may be short, but by using it wisely and adding in past companies that you’ve worked for, companies can get a quick snapshot of your work history so far. Add your current or previous role into it and they can see how relevant and vital you could be for them.

Now what?