4 ways to get over creative block

Whether you’re composing a song or compiling a project, when creative block strikes you can lose all motivation and simply resort to procrastination. Instead of staring down at your work, hopelessly struggling to think of what to do next, there are ways to make yourself more productive. 

Here are four things you can do to beat it.

1. Find your bubble

Sit down, do some deep breathing and try and get in the zone. Try and block everything else out and just focus on yourself. Put your headphones on if that helps. Creating a good workspace for yourself is important. Get some scented candles, a cool lampshade and mentally prepare yourself to get down to work.

2. Failure isn’t the end of the world

Failing is learning. Experimenting is good so even if it doesn’t always work out, at least you have learnt from it. Exercising your creative muscles is how you’re going to get better. Don’t be scared of testing the waters, go for it and think what’s the worst that could happen?

3. Make your goals realistic

Challenging yourself it great, but if you set yourself goals that are just too difficult then you will lose motivation. Instead give yourself breaks, fuel up on some snacks and achieve what you want to, not excessive amounts more than that. Mind Tools is a great resource for helping you create your own goals.

4. Don’t waste time

If you know what helps you get into the zone then do it, don’t waste time procrastinating. If you know music only distracts you, then keep it switched off. Professors have said: “Procrastinators end up suffering more and performing worse than other people”. Try hard to focus, and don’t lose concentration.

Now what?