4 ways to usher your content into going VIRAL

What’s the point in creating good content if no-one is around to read it? What makes the internet the insane, viral, brilliant, dangerous, confusing, limitless, creative, destructive and growing ecosystem it is, is the vast quantity of communities and interest groups.

Regardless of how niche and off-beat your content is, there is 100% an audience for it. That said, in order to reach the highest heights of viral stardom, you need more than good content – you need a marketing plan.

Luckily, David Leonhardt has distilled the confusing world of marketing viral content into four easy to understand points.

1. Would you want to share it?

Rule one of creating is to make something you both believe in and would have an interest in consuming. If you like what you’re creating, how can you expect anyone else to?

2. Cultivate an audience (old and new)

Having a following in the run-up to releasing a potentially viral piece of content is a great start but not necessary. You constantly see viral videos crop up from people who have never created content before in their life.

Having a group of friends willing to share is helpful too. Alternatively you can hire a social media influencer to get the ball rolling – don’t think of it as cheating, think of it as getting a head-start.

3. The one-click share

Make it easier than easy for readers or viewers to share your content. Bear in mind that people have tiny attention spans and having to click more than once is too much effort to warrant a share. Set up sharing mechanics to accommodate the impossibly lazy nature of internet users.

4. A picture is worth a thousand words

People are far more inclined to share content that’s attached to a high resolution picture. The internet is a visual place and long text headlines tend to frighten people. The content consumers frighten easily but they always come back, and in greater numbers – don’t miss your chance to go viral!