4 ways to successfully work with your friends

In the unlikely event that you’ve managed ended up working in the same place as your best friends, congratulations, you’ve done what everyone says they’re going to do at university and never do. Working with your friends is the best.

For reference, we’re talking about working friends that were previously friends outside of work – although, this does still apply even if they’re friends you made at work.

Here are four ways to responsibly and successfully work with your close friends.

1. Build a work relationship on-top of your friendship

It’s important to retain the same magic you have outside of work seeing as you’re going to be spending an inordinate amount of time with your pal.  The trick is to build a separate work relationship with your friends. You’ll stay functional and still enjoy hanging out as much outside of the office.

2. Manage your work time with your friend like you manage everything else

The last thing you want is to let your productivity suffer because of your work/friends collision. This is such a rare opportunity so you have to play it cool. Manage your goofing off and jokes within the schedule of your normal working day. Keep it clean and have as much fun as you can get away with.

3. Social media is a responsibility, don’t abuse it

In short, don’t flood the Slack channels or email threads with your inside jokes and surreal gifs, it’s unprofessional and the rest of the team will start to resent your special bond.

4. Don’t try and bring your crew to your workplace

It’s hard enough managing one friend/work relationship. Don’t go pushing your luck and promising the rest of your friends jobs at this company, here’s why: One, because you don’t really want that – it’d be exhausting and two, because you’re massively overestimating how much pull you have in your company.