4 ways to stop procrastinating at work

With all the multimedia available to us nowadays, procrastinating at work has only got easier. We’re all guilty of indulging in a bit of mindless entertainment or some minor Facebook stalking while avoiding our real work.

Obviously that’s not the most productive way to spend our day, but here’s what to do when kitten videos take over and the prospect of cleaning your desk becomes more appealing than tackling the task at hand.

1. Change your environment

Different environments impact our productivity in different ways. If you work from home, try working from a library or cafe. If your office is loud and distracting, see if you can find a quieter space in which to work. Clear everything off your desk, wear ear plugs or listen to music, if that helps you focus.

2. Reward yourself

A tried and tested method of convincing yourself to get things done, promising yourself a small reward like a piece of chocolate or a drink after work is a great motivator. So break down your project into smaller goals and treat yourself after you complete each one.

3. Make your commitment public

By telling your boss or colleagues that you’ll have something done by a certain day or time, you won’t have time to procrastinate because you’ll want to avoid letting them down. Ask them to check in on you every once in a while to make sure you’re not dawdling.

4. Don’t think, just do

If the thought of starting a new project is majorly putting you off, sometimes the best thing to do is to just jump in head first. Don’t think about how boring/tedious/difficult it’s going to be – just start. Even if you aim to complete just one tiny party of it, you’ll automatically get into the flow of things and already be able to see the light at the end.

Now what?