4 ways to shake up your working day

The 9 to 5 grind can get a bit much at times, with each day rolling into another that seems exactly the same. This puts us at the risk of losing motivation and letting productivity slip. Don’t let that be you!

We’ve got a few tips that might help you shake up your working day and indulge in a touch of escapism without neglecting your work.

1. Get arty

If you’re struggling from a mind blank or serious writer’s block, then take a minute to have a quick doodle. Seriously. A blank page will scare you a lot less if it’s covered in your drawings, however silly they might look, and will give you the opportunity to take time out from a frustrating task.

Colouring in is another way to release some frustration at work and a great way of de-stressing. Having a little art attack moment might even inspire you and get your creative juices flowing.

2. Spruce up your space

Give your desk space some love, and we aren’t just talking a torn-out page from the Torso of the Week section of Heat. Add a few plants to your desk space, if you think you can keep them alive (I can’t). The greenery will lend colour and life to your work area and will instantly lift your mood when you see the plants thriving.

They will give also you a breath of fresh air around your area, and, as a 2010 survey pointed out, plants in the office reduced office tensions by 37%, and feelings of dejection by 58%.

3. Get outside

Sometimes, you just need to break free. Take a break from your chair so that you don’t get a numb bum, and go for a quick walk. It will give you a chance to escape your desk and have a change of scene, so you won’t start to think of the space as a prison.

If you don’t have the time, then take your meetings outside. A walking meeting – just a quick turn – will mix it up and make a welcome change from your standard boardroom affair.

4. Use your lunch break wisely

Don’t just indulge in a Pret sandwich ‘al desko’ – make the most of that hour of freedom. Your emails will wait, contrary to popular belief, and you will have a much more productive afternoon if you indulge in a jam-packed hour off. Don’t let the time pass you by!

Now what?