4 ways to multi-task like a pro

Juggling a million tasks at once is a great skill to have, and something we all have to do day in day out. But how exactly is it done?

Because we can tell you, at 5.30pm on a Monday evening when there’s still a pile of paperwork to be done and 28 phone calls that need to be made, we’re not too great at multi-tasking.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy list of 5 ways that will help you multi-task like a pro. Check it out.

1. Pick the right time

Tracking which times of the day are your weakest and least attentive means you can allocate when you should be doing the most work.

If you are most focused after your morning cuppa, then make sure you take on the most then, and you’ll quickly see more productive results.

2. Make monotony manageable

Let’s face it, a lot of the hardest tasks (at work or in the home) are mind-numbingly dull, so why not try and spice them up a little?

If you’re all set to mow the lawn, plug yourself into an audio-book you’ve been meaning to listen to; or if it’s a late one at the office re-filing old invoices, then why not stick on some music?

3. Similar tasks are for similar times

Group things you need to do together accordingly. For example, folding clothes from the laundry basket can be done at the same time as a phone call, but probably not when making dinner…

Timing them correctly, so that the dishwasher goes on at the start of your favourite TV show¬†also saves on time, meaning you don’t spend your whole life doing stuff you don’t want to.

4. Two at a time

It’s tempting to try and literally do everything at once, but doing things well really does require at least a little of your full attention.

Limit yourself to two big tasks at a time, and you’ll make sure the quality of your work isn’t spoiled. Which just means you’ll have to do all those annoying tasks over again.


Now what?

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