4 ways to stop your perfectionism taking over your job (and life!)

Are you the type of person who won’t rest until their work is absolutely flawless? Do you have insanely high standards? While perfectionism can be an asset in the workplace, it also goes along with a whole lot of procrastination (which is well, not an asset).

Like with writer’s block, the feeling of having to make something perfect can be so daunting that we shut down or avoid doing it altogether, according to e27.

Fret not! Here’s how to curb your perfectionist tendencies, conquer your fears and get stuff done at work.

1. Experiment

You literally can’t fail an experiment, so by treating whatever you’re working on in that way, you’ll feel less pressure to make it perfect. Look at it as a learning experience.

2. Share your ideas

Before you go ahead and do all the work, share whatever ideas you’ve got and listen to feedback. That way you’ll learn what works well without driving yourself crazy over it.

3. Practise balancing quality with speed

Sometimes anxiety about making sure whatever you’re working on is absolutely flawless can really slow you down. Give yourself timed goals and just do your best. You’ll probably be surprised how well you still do without having time to agonise over all the details.

4. Give yourself a break

Perfectionists can often be really hard on themselves, but just remember that all you can do is your best – so don’t beat yourself up when things don’t always go your way. Try reframing self-criticism or anxiety into positive reinforcement and self-belief. You’ve totally got this under control!

Now what?