4 ways to get back into work like Busted

Busted have made all our dreams come true this week by announcing their reunion tour for 2016. We’ve been waiting for this news since Charlie left all those years ago…

Although chances are your break wasn’t as celeb-filled as the boys, you may still have had to be away from the office for a while, travelling, studying or even for health reasons. Here’s how to get back to work like a boss after a career break.

1. Think of what you gained while you were away

Reflect on the skills and knowledge you gained in the time you were gone. Whether it was new perspectives on the world from travelling or fresh insights on your industry from a course you’ve taken, note down what new things you can bring to the table.

2. Negotiate flexible hours

If adapting to a 9 to 5 routine is too much to start with, discuss flexible hours with your manager. Studies show that flexible hours can help workers be healthier, happier and less likely to change jobs. Use that to make a strong case and show them how much more motivated you’ll be – they might actually hear you.

3. Take time to reflect

There’s no better time to assess if you’re on the right career path than when you’re returning to work. Do you feel happy and excited or are you dreading having to do the same things again? If going back feels more tortuous than it should, than it might be time for a career change.

4. Improve your work life balance

You know how it feels to be away from professional worries, and you realise how much they can take over your life. Of course your career can be a big part of you, but treat it as what it is,  just one part. Make time for everything else you have in your life – friends, family, taking care of yourself and whatever else makes you happy.

Now what?