5 ways to diversify your skill set on your CV

About to graduate this summer? Got a degree in Geography, but want to go into film production? About to finish your A Levels in science but want to go into a career in the beauty industry? Here’s what you can do if you don’t have any experience.

Diversifying your skill set in a struggling job market is no easy task. You need to show employers that you are versatile and can turn your hand to anything. Here are five top tips to give your CV that extra edge.

1. Do work experience

Work experience is your best bet to getting into the industry that you want. Email all the big companies that you would like to work for and explain what you could bring to them. People aren’t always going to be helpful, so telling them what you can do for them is a good way to get noticed.

2. Volunteer

Volunteer work can diversify your CV because it will give you an edge over other people applying for the same job. It will give you something positive to talk about in a job interview if your only other experience of life is school or university studies. Plus you will enjoy volunteering; a recent survey found that 94 per cent of people who did volunteer work said that it improved their mood.

3. Consider doing further education or doing a course

If you have finished university and feel that your degree isn’t opening any doors for you, then consider doing some further education like a masters. Doing a masters in a specialised area will help you learn relevant skills, make contacts and push you in the right direction.

4. Network

Start by getting some business cards made up. Even if they only say your name, phone number and email address, they will still be a way of people remembering you. Find networking events near you and request to go along. Be confident and only speak to people that you think won’t waste your time. Don’t be afraid to ask for people’s business cards and email them the next day. You will look keen and you will be remembered. Effort doesn’t go unnoticed.

5. Manage your own expectations

Don’t expect anyone to offer you a job or an internship straight away at a networking event. Think of your conversations as windows into the business world. Anything you learn will be useful, even if it just gives you a wider perspective on working.