4 ways to break bad news in the office

Got something weighing on your mind? Something you need to get off your chest? You’ve told your nearest and dearest, but you’re yet to tell your colleagues. It’s a big step! 

From announcing you’re pregnant to revealing that you’re leaving, here’s how to break bombshell news in the office.

1. Good communication

You won’t be able to break any kind of news if you haven’t built up strong communication with your colleagues. The key to this is to have an open relationship and a ‘no-surprise’ style approach to talking to them about important things.

2. Do it in person

Announcing big news, like a departure, is definitely better done in person. When Zayn Malik decided to leave One Direction, we do hope he told his bandmates in person. Imagine Simon Cowell’s face opening an email and finding out that news!

3. Gather everyone round

Getting people together means you only have to tell your news once. Telling people individually can be stressful and if rumours start to spread, the situation could get blown out of proportion. It’s always better that people hear the news from the horse’s mouth (you!) so make sure you tell people together.

4. Don’t sugar-coat your news

Tell your colleagues how it is. Don’t beat around the bush because you will have to face up to telling them the whole story sooner or later. However hard it is, you must get it over with and tell your news exactly how it is. Your colleagues will thank you for it.

Now what?