4 ways to ace that presentation at work

One of the most nerve-wracking things you can be asked to do at work is to get up in front of your bosses and colleagues to give a presentation. Just the thought of public speaking makes most of us weak at the knees. 

It’s a necessary evil of many jobs, but luckily we’ve learnt a few tips and tricks to make work presentations go much more smoothly.

Here are four ways to conquer your nerves and give a killer presentation.

1. Frame your story

Having a clear structure to your presentation is key to getting your point across without totally confusing your audience and yourself. Make an outline of your presentation ahead of time, have a specific focus and give examples to flesh out your ideas.

2. Develop stage presence

Whether you’re speaking in front of a room full of people or just presenting a few slides to your team, they’ll all feel uncomfortable if you look too nervous. Study your body language and make sure you’re not moving too much – swaying or shifting your weight. Make eye contact with your audience occasionally, even if you’re reading from a script or notecards. Stand up tall, breathe deeply and smile.

3. Use the right technology

Decide if you need a visual aid like PowerPoint or Prezi, and which one is better suited to your specific presentation. Think about mixing it up and including videos, infographics or audio if that makes sense. Whatever you do, don’t just read exactly what’s written on your slide.

4. Practise

Pretty obvious, but leave time to rehearse your presentation as much as needed until you sound natural and feel confident in the material. Record or film yourself if you need to to make sure you’re not speaking in monotone or looking at your feet the whole time.

By Reenat Sinay