4 ways that detoxing your social media will make you more employable

When you apply for a job, your employer will do something you may not have thought of. They will Google you. Make a good first impression by ensuring that your social presence online is squeaky clean. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and even Instagram – leave no stone unturned.

There would be nothing more awkward than your interviewer seeing your documented drunken antics now would there! Here are 4 ways to detox your social media.


Image Credit: Rex Features

1. Make your Facebook private

This may be stating the obvious but if it’s not already, make sure your profile is private. Facebook most likely contains the most intimate and embarrassing photos of you. Tighten your privacy settings so that if an employer is trying to see what is on there they will know that you are internet savvy. 

2. Don’t over-sanitise

You will want to delete those Miley Cyrus party-girl-esque shots of yourself from the internet but don’t get rid of your personality altogether. Showing your interesting qualities could tell an employer positive things about you. Be yourself, show your passion and enthusiasm, just keep things clean.

3. Delete unnecessary tweets

Be careful with what you have retweeted. Even if you didn’t tweet something initially, things you retweet could give an employer a negative impression of you. Having lots of tweets could also show that you are easily distracted or that you don’t have a lot going on in your life. Be active on Twitter but don’t go overboard. Anyone wishing to hire you will want to know that you can use social media, but you shouldn’t look like you are totally consumed by it.

4. Make your profile picture count

Even if all your employer can see of you is your profile picture, you still need to make it count. They will want to know what you look like, so avoid wasting this opportunity by having a sunny meadow or the family dog as your profile picture. Think carefully about what you want to present to the world. Keep things professional but don’t forget to show how great you are!

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