4 Ways Successful People Spend Their Holidays

Don't be silly. Successful people don't take holiday, right? Wrong. Everyone needs some time off now and then, and it's dangerous to think otherwise.

The clever thing is to make sure you use the time wisely. Which unfortunately wrecks your summer plans that include just three things: sofa, pizza, Netflix.

Here’s how successful people spend their holiday. Just in time for New Year’s Eve festivities. Get planning.

1. Stop working

This is an easy one. Working nine to five might be the way to make a living, but it sure isn’t how to have a holiday. So on no account are you to go in to work, or even try and work from home. Successful people know when they’ve earned a rest.

2. Ambition over aimlessness

Sure it’s nice to just zone out and do whatever takes your fancy on a trip abroad, but that’s not the way to have a successful holiday.

Be organised and plan out each day and you’ll pack way more in. A survey by GoodThink found that 94 per cent of holidays resulted in increased enjoyment if they were planned out in advance.

3. Get away from it all

No, we don’t just mean booking a last minute holiday and jetting off with half of Britain to Barcelona. Instead, book somewhere a little out of the way and get away from the crowded beaches where there’s hardly room to swing a suncream-drenched parasol.

You’re bound to be far more relaxed if it’s quieter about, and it needn’t be twice as expensive either. Do a bit of shopping around and you’ll amazed at what you can find.

4. Appoint a deputy

A great way to deflect unwanted attention on you vacances is to delegate all your normal decisions to a trustworthy colleague.

They might not be able to cope with all the extra work you’d like to unload, but leaving them with a few key responsibilities is going to help you unwind just that little extra.