4 ways to keep your relationship strong when you have a priority career

Feeling like your career finally takes off – there’s no better feeling in the world. However, it’s really important to remember both where you came from and who supported you up until this point, especially if you’re in a relationship. I often think about how many couples break up a year because of one-half’s career drive.

Business Insider looks at how insanely successful people often go through numerous marriages and engagements because they never realise that extreme career success comes at the cost of relationship success. That said, many dating experts beg to differ. They suggest that the work-life balance is determined by the person, not the level of success.

Dr Mike McNulty says that: “Having a spouse addicted to work can feel like as much of a betrayal as extramarital affair to the other spouse”. Which is an interesting idea but, at it’s core, is just another situation where trust and respect in the relationship is at an imbalance.

Here are four ways to keep your relationship strong when a successful career gets involved.

1. Time together must be prioritised

Shared experiences are the centrefold of a relationship but time must be input for a couple to prosper.  Ritual date nights and alone time is a rigid must. As lame as it was, Mark Zuckerberg drew up a relationship agreement with his then-girlfriend and now wife, Priscilla Chan, indicating that there was to be one date night a week and 100 minutes of alone time outside of work. As romantic as wet sock but effective.

2. Continue to build the relationship

When success is an issue, ego usually is too. In order to stop narcissism morphing your relationship you must continue to improve it. When people settle into their careers they immediately stop working on their relationship and it starts to wilt. Work together on projects, try new things, go to new places, do pretty much anything you can to keep the flame burning.

3. Empathy, empathy, empathy

It’s important to listen above all things. Being one half of a relationship doesn’t make a problem solver, as a couple you tackle issues together. The best thing you can do when your other half is worried or feeling strongly about something is to be an ear on 24/7 lend.

4. Important issues are discussed as soon as they arise 

Don’t wait for an issue to snowball into a problem. Address a fault as soon as possible and work through it efficiently. If you have a busy career, the last thing you want to do is turn spending time with your partner into another job,