4 tips for getting your voice heard at work

It’s easy just to keep your head down at work and simply get the job done. However getting your voice heard in the office – making you stand out – is so important for your career. Successful people, and those who progress quickly, are the ones who not only put a lot of effort into the work at hand, but also are not afraid to put their opinions across.

Here are four ways to get your voice heard in the office. However scary and intimidating it can seem, these tips will have you super prepared for when you get the opportunity to speak up.

1. Preparation is key

Excellent communicators don’t just develop their skills overnight. You need to practice your speaking. Everyone gets nerves, fluffs their words and gets mind blanks, so just try and prepare for those feelings. Plan out what you want to say, take lots of deep breaths and try not to be scared or anxious.

2. Stand up

When speaking and wanting to command the attention of your colleagues, stand solidly on the ground with your feet firmly planted at shoulder-width apart. Don’t stand uncomfortably as this won’t help you look confident. Standing straight also opens up your diaphragm which will improve your breathing. This is vital for projecting your voice.

3. Take things slow

Don’t rush into what you want to say, speak slowly and cover everything thoroughly that you want to get across. Don’t let your emotions run away with you, or ramble on. Try and get to the point. Are you not happy with a certain thing the company is doing, or a particular element of your job?

4. Think carefully about who you are speaking to

Think about who you are telling this information to. Do you need to give them the full story? Do they already know how you are feeling? How do you want them to feel about what you have to say? Also think about whether it is better to address your issues to a few people or to individuals. Perhaps organising a small group meeting is the best approach. Be confident, prepared and speak up. You have every right to get your opinions out there!