4 reasons why you need to go on a digital detox at work

YouTube. Facebook. Twitter. Texting. Instagram. Emails. Raise your hand if you are addicted to one or all of these things? We thought so.

Do you wake up every morning and check your social media in a matter of seconds? So do we. But it’s not the healthiest of things to be plugged into all the time.

Here are four amazing things that will happen to you, and your working life, when you go on a digital detox. This doesn’t mean locking your iPhone away for hours at a time, but just going slightly cold turkey on your tech can make a big difference to your life.

1. You will feel happier in your job

Tech-driven anxiety is a real thing. You can be addicted to staying in the loop with your WhatsApp groups and what your colleagues are saying. Your FOMO can take over. Maybe you are even addicted to YouTube. Having a break from your technology, even if it’s just for an hour during your lunch break, can make you feel a LOT calmer. That Zoella video can wait until tonight.

2. You won’t be distracted by emails 

Keeping your eyes off your overflowing inbox isn’t the easiest thing to do but having a little break from it now and then can give you more breathing space to focus on other tasks. You can get back to people later.

3. You will improve your memory

How many of us store everything in our phones? I can’t even say three people’s phone numbers off the top of my head because it’s all logged in my phone. This isn’t so great when it comes to work because relying on technology can make us lazy. Smart phones are making us dumb. Try using a real notebook instead for a while and trying to get yourself to remember more information. It will make you feel more accomplished, trust us.

4. You will have better conversations

Sending gifs and emojis to people across the office isn’t as good as going and speaking to the face to face. If you don’t work in an office try a tool called Slack. This will make communication easier than sending loads of emails.