4 things you should include on your LinkedIn profile and NOT your CV

Discovering LinkedIn was a lightbulb moment for a lot of us. For some, it’s discovery was met with an initial frustration because it’s not that easy to set up. For the more technologically competent, it provided a networking platform that couldn’t be replicated by flooding careers fairs with your CV.

However. and this is a big ‘however’, at no point should you ever consider LinkedIn as a replacement for a CV – the two serve different purposes. As Mashable astutely note, you should never just copy and paste your CV into your LinkedIn profile, call it a day and wait for the job offers to roll in.

LinkedIn is a great way of shedding some colour and personality on your achievements. It’d be a waste to just have it regurgitate the same information that’s on your CV. Here are four key differences you should be aware of when designing your LinkedIn profile.

1. Tell your story

Pack your profile with as many pictures, as much context and the maximum amount of details around your accomplishments. The layout of your LinkedIn profile allows you to go into as much or as little detail about your career as you like. While a CV is just a snapshot of your career, LinkedIn is potentially a complete anthology.

2. It should appeal to everyone

If you consider yourself a ‘Jack Of All Trades’, you probably edit your CV to display pertinent information based on the kind of job you’re applying for. You don’t get that kind of exclusivity with LinkedIn, you have one profile that everyone sees.

Cater your profile to appeal to the general industry but maybe through in a few curve-balls that might appeal to some more left-field employers.

3. Keep it casual

You’re not a robot (we hope) so don’t make your profile reflect like a robot is behind it. Write in the first person, share articles and videos you think are interesting and just be a human. It’s the easiest advice to act on.

4. Utilise the recommendation features

On LinkedIn, there’s plenty of room to prove your accomplishments. Since a CV can be pessimistically looked upon like a page of empty promises, LinkedIn give you the option to back your claims up with physical evidence. Use the endorsement and project features to show off your prowess.