4 speedy breakfast ideas for the pre-work rush *panic*

They call it the most important meal of the day for a reason: breakfast is a damn good idea. It’s amazing how many people skip it in order to claw back an extra 15 or 20 minutes sleep. We’re here to say no more to skipping breakfast and here’s why.

Those few minutes more of shut-eye might make you feel slightly less heady for the first hour of the day, granted. But by skipping breakfast, you’re denying your body the fuel it needs to maintain a level of concentration throughout the whole morning and the rest of the day.

Time is of the essence so here are 4 quick and easy breakfast ideas for the pre-work rush.

1. Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

Who said breakfast had to be solid? You’ll need some sort of blender or a keen mashing arm for this one. Blend 1 banana with 2 tablespoons for peanut butter, a few ice cubes and a dollop of almond milk. You can chuck in some protein powder if you’re into that kind of thing, if not, pour it into a container and enjoy it cold on the walk to the office.

2. Glory Muffins

Something you can make at the weekend and eat throughout the week, the glory muffin. An oat based treat with a mix of carrots and zucchini with a pinch of sugar and raisins to get the perfect balance of health and taste. Make seven on a Sunday night and free your mind and stomach of any morning anxiety.

3. Leftovers and Egg

This one is pretty gross but will definitely jump-start those who have larger appetites. Take whatever oddities were left over from last night’s dinner (within reason), crack an egg or two into a container with it and microwave it until the egg white is good. Sprinkle it with strong cheese to hide your shame and a healthy rain of Tabasco to add a kick.

4. Fruit and Yoghurt parfait

The simplest and universally loved breakfast for those who are sick of soggy cereal and want something less reminiscent of cardboard in the morning.Three large cups of vanilla yoghurt, 2 cups of your favourite in-season fruits and 1 final cup of honest-to-goodness granola – you’ll be more than set until lunchtime.

Now what?