4 reasons why introverts are actually MORE successful

It is often assumed that extroverts are more successful than introverts. Being quiet and shy surely won’t cut it in the working world? However, there are actually loads of things that introverts do which everyone can learn from. Far from blending in at work, they can actually show us how it’s done.

Here are four reasons why introverts win in the workplace.

1. Introverts aren’t super annoying

We all work with annoying people and if you think about it, they’re very extroverted aren’t they? There’s the girl a few desks over who doesn’t stop chatting when everyone else is trying to work. There’s the man behind you who tells really bad jokes in a desperate bid for laughs. Introverts aren’t those people. Don’t be those people.

2. Introverts are better listeners

How many times have you sat through a meeting where the loud people shout their ideas over everybody else? Introverts don’t do this and it’s more beneficial. Why? Because sitting back and observing means that you are more likely to remember the important details of what was discussed. Taking it all in is far better than feeling that you want to force your opinions into the conversation all the time.

3. Introverts are better at making decisions

As they spend more time alone, introverts usually spend more time thinking through their decisions. This means that introverts usually have far better critical thinking skills than extroverts, meaning that they are better at solving problems. They don’t rush into things like a bull in a china shop, which is a terrible thing to do in the work place.

4. Introverts are more real

Introverts don’t crave attention so they are likely to be more genuine. When they do talk to someone it is because they really want to, this is why introverts usually have a few good friends rather than loads of acquaintances.Introverts are also usually more shy so are more likely to think through what they want to say to someone rather than rushing straight over.

Now what?