4 mind-tricks to use when you need to snap in-and-out of ‘the work zone’

Most of us are contracted to work roughly eight hours a day. Minus one of those for lunch and then subtract further the amount of time we spend dilly-dallying as we switch our brains from stand-by to on mode. If only there was an easier and quicker way to get into the ‘the work zone’.

Funnily enough, you can actually train your brain to make the switch to this ‘work zone’ instantaneously. The mind-space wherein you’re the most focused, attentive and least likely to distracted.

Here are four ways you can train yourself to get into ‘the work zone’ as well as, equally importantly, get out of it when you need to kick back as courtesy of Mashable.

1. Use music as a psychological signal

Music is a great modifier whether you need to go to sleep or wake the heck up – catering a playlist to what mood or time of day is considered common practice now. To get into the work zone, queue up songs that get you pumped and then reflect those songs at the end of the day with some comfort tunes.

2. Work on lots of little goals

Working on the basis of achieving small goals rewards you with steady bursts of positive feedback throughout the day and will keep you on target. This way you’ll be able to focus all day and switch off immediately once you know your tasks for the day are complete.

3. Routine, routine, routine

The best way to train yourself into controlling the work zone is through repetition. Binary routine between work and home will wedge the two apart meaning that you can focus in certain places and relax in others without the fear that you may cross the wires of the two unexpectedly.

4. Mini-breaks

“Sometimes when you’re deep in the work zone, the most beneficial thing you can do is get out of it”. Mini-breaks will take the pressure off giving you time to refocus and attack the work zone with a revitalised vigour.