4 low-key ways to banish your work worries

We are all prone to those irritating worries at the back of our mind on a daily basis. But when these tiny worries become all-consuming, it can ruin not just your day, but your week, or have even longer term effects in terms of stress and anxiety.

We’re looking at some totally low-key ways to control your worrying and keep it from taking over.

1. Sharing is caring

Don’t worry alone – this will leave you feeling isolated and might exacerbate the issues because you allow them to consume your off-time. Worrying alone can give your mind time to dwell on worst-case scenarios, but by airing your concerns to a friend, family member or colleague, you can not only get the issues off your chest, but you can grab advice on a matter.

2. The Boredom Technique

The Boredom Technique relies on the very simple vocal repetition of your concern over and over, until eventually you become bored of the words and the worry is belittled to the point of vanishing. If you spend 20 minutes repeating your worry aloud, you’ll be sick of the sound of it by the end. This method might not work for everyone, but with worries that you are powerless to change, it takes back control

3. Isolate your ‘worry time’

Don’t let your worries take over your entire day. Set aside a 15-minute period at the end of the day when you can address concerns that you have felt throughout. You can list anxieties during the day, briefly, and come back to them later when you have more time. During this designated period you can go into more depth, write down your concerns and address them individually. This prevents your worries from becoming all-consuming.

4. Switch off

If social media dominates your day, whether it’s checking Instagram compulsively or refreshing your Twitter feed every hour, then this might be one reason why you are struggling to relax. Taking some time out from social media is one way of de-stressing. This could be something as simple as removing the apps from your phone so you can only login on your computer, or even going all the way and removing yourself entirely for a while.

Now what?