4 chocolate industry careers you didn’t know about

As it’s National Chocolate Week we’re sure loads of you have been sat at your desks wondering how you can quit your boring old job and get into chocolate (as a job, not just to eat).

So we’ve done some digging and come up with some answers. Here are five chocolate careers you probably didn’t know about.

1. Chocolate sculptor

Yup, it does exist, honest. They create huge masterpieces of the glorious stuff that grace weddings, parties and even museums. You have to be pretty committed though, and it can be difficult to get noticed, especially if you keep eating your artwork…

2. Cacao farmer

Well where did you think it all came from? The Easter Bunny?

If you fancy getting down and dirty with the source of the chocolate dream, then why not rock up at you local cacao farm with a CV?

The only problem is the stuff doesn’t grow well in Britain so you might have to commute a long way, like to South America…

3. Chocolate tester

Yeah, some lucky people actually get to taste the chocolate to check it’s perfect before it hits the shops.

Cadbury and Nestle hire hundreds of people to test the goods, but it’s a lot more difficult than it seems. Employees have to consider appearance, ease of opening and how it melts in the mouth. We think you’d cope.

4. Chocolate historian

Probably the most straightforward (but still hard work) way to get into the chocolate industry is to do a history degree and then specialise in the dark stuff further down the line.

There isn’t much call for chocolate PhD students though, but you might get a few industry invites if you’re lucky.

Now what?