4 best online resources for learning to code

We already gave you the reasons why you should learn to code, but now we’re actually telling you how you can go about it. Aren’t you lucky?

There are loads of free HTML-tutorial websites out there on the inter-web. So whether you’re a newbie or intermediate coder, these are the five best online resources for learning to code. Mark Zuckerberg ain’t got nothin’ on you.

1.  Codecademy

The king of web-based coding schools is this digital titan. Instead of waiting to learn all the theory before getting stuck in, once users are signed up with Codecademy, they can start to build their own websites using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Operators use the fully-integrated coding system to write a line of script and immediately see what it does. Not bad for a free piece of software huh?

2. Code.org

Free coding tools isn’t the best thing about this page. ‘But what could be better than that?’ I hear you cry. Free coding tools with Disney characters, that’s what. Elsa from Frozen namely.

Formatted like drag and drop tiles, Code.org’s learning games are a whole lot of fun, you won’t even notice you’re learning anything, which is always the best way to learn anything we find.

3. Scratch

Born as a university project at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Scratch lets users build a graphical processing language to make animated characters move about on a screen. Lost? Us too. But it really isn’t that complicated once you give it a go.

Scratch teaches all the basic concepts of computer code, and will build you up into somewhat of an HTML and CSS whizz-kid. We promise.

4. Treehouse club

The only resource on this list that isn’t free (£17 for a basic plan) this in-depth tool is something special.

Including an iOS topic for those looking to go into app development as well as website design, Treehouse Club is definitely the most extensive learning package of the four. Tread carefully though, or you’ll end up lost in its myriad of coding corridors.

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