3 work-life lessons we learnt from Bridget Jones

It’s Christmas and Bridget Jones is a classic on this day. We have also been getting very excited about the upcoming Bridget Jones film, the third instalment in the franchise.

Bridget has always had some valuable lessons about all aspects of life, but today we’re focusing on what she taught us about work life. From now on we will be asking ourself: #WWBD – What Would Bridget Do?

1. Fake it ’til you make it

When making a speech, if you have absolutely no idea about the subject, that’s alright. Just go with it, and people will be wowed by your gumption and charm. If you, like Bridget, aren’t so up on your current affairs, that’s okay. Do a brief study – luckily for us, apps like Brief Me exist now – and again, say it with confidence.

Does Bridget have much experience in television when she first gets her big break in the first film? Not really, no. But does that stop her? No it most certainly does not, and it shouldn’t stop you either. When she goes skiing in the second film, she does not let her total lack of co-ordination and inexperience as a skier stop her from joining in.

2. Work-approrpriate attire

The old-age quandary of how short is too short. Bridget knew it well. And whilst her outfits are a testament to early Noughties style (albeit her Christmas jumpers are timeless), we definitely took a lot away from her skirt lengths. Not that there was much to take.

Perhaps review what you have on that day before deciding on your outfit. If you know you might be sliding down a fireman’s pole (unlikely but it happened to Bridget), contemplate wearing trousers.

3. A little measure of sass is always good

Whilst this might not be the wisest of moments, when Bridget quits working for the slimy Daniel in the first film, she does it with a lot of sass. Channel your inner Bridget – to an extent – and always carry yourself with confidence. Know your limits, just like she does. You can try singing “Respect” to yourself in your head throughout the day, because we can’t all have a film soundtrack behind us, to keep your energy levels up. And perhaps don’t call your boss names, even if you think them.

Now what?