3 ways to use your blog to build your portfolio

Did you know that you can actually use your super slick blog when creating your portfolio? Seriously. Blogging need not only be a hobby. It can be a real interview-boosting power tool. 

Here are three ways to utilise your blog and transform your portfolio with the skills you’ve already (!) picked up. You’ll be able to wow at ANY interview.

1. Content is key

If you have spent time crafting a cool blog which shows off your best work, then that’s great content to use in your portfolio. If you show off your talent then employers will see your skill set and that you would make a valuable member of their team. Alice Ko’s How to Blog Your Way to Your Dream Job is a good read.

2. Brand yourself

A blog is you expressing yourself and putting your personal brand out there. That’s what you need to show an employer in an interview. There’s a big difference between putting across a glowing version of yourself, like people do on Instagram showing their airbrushed lives, and being genuine and connecting with people. That is essential for branding yourself in the right way. You probably already do this well in your blog so utilise those skills. Take a read of How to Protect Your Reputation and Brand Yourself as an Expert for some useful tips and advice.


You can actually use the positive comments that you receive on your blog as testimonials. This would show an employer that you can create engaging content that people respond well to.

Now what?