3 top business tips from the Pret a Manger boss

Who better to follow for business advice than people who have successfully launched their own careers? The BBC’s CEO Secrets series does exactly that, turning to some top creators from different industries for their best tips. 

We’re looking to the boss at Pret a Manger Clive Schlee for his top 3 business secrets. He spoke to the BBC about his #CEOSecrets and the advice he wishes he had been given when starting out.

1. Be enthusiastic

Love what you do and be passionate to motivate both yourself and those around you. Clive suggests that you are “fired with enthusiasm” and showing your excitement for a project every day.

2. Love feedback

Be direct when it comes to giving and receiving feedback – don’t shy away from criticism. This will ensure that you learn quickly and gain respect for being direct and a problem-solver.

3. Live close to where you work

Make life easy for yourself by living close to where you work if possible. You won’t waste time on a commute and will have more space for productivity in your work and personal life.

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