3 things to wear on the first day of a new job

When you swing open the doors of your brand new office on day one, you want to make a great first impression, right? Dressing the part will go a long way to giving your boss and colleagues all the right signals. Plus, if you’re feeling nervous, then there’s nothing a stylish and smart look can’t disguise.

On your first day in a new job you can never arrive too chic. If in doubt, always dress up. On day two you can tone it down a bit if you feel too overdressed, but tomorrow is another day.

Here are the three rules you should swear by and items you should wear on your first day.

1. Go super smart

If your job demands a suit then make sure it is in a good quality material with a neat cut. Baggy, ill-fitting suits are a big no. For a more creative industry, you can afford to opt for a bolder colour or shape, perhaps a more androgynous trouser suit. This one from Topshop is super stylish and the blazer is only £65.

Image Credit: Topshop

Image Credit: Topshop

2. Keep thing simple

If you buying budget, which often involves lesser quality materials, stick to black. Trust us, black hides a lot of sins. A classic work dress, like this one from Misguided, £12, will be your new bleary-eyed morning saviour. Throw it on with some tights underneath, and some ankle boots or heels, and you’re good to go.

Image Credit: Missguided

Image Credit: Missguided

3. Add some height

Nothing demands positive attention quite like the crisp click of a pair of heels. Why not add some height to your commanding look? High heels will make you feel more confident and professional on your first day in a new office. Don’t opt for ones that are too high though, you do need to be comfortable. Check out Office and Marks and Spencer for their selection of work-appropriate mid-heels.

Image Credit: Instagram - @somethingnavy

Image Credit: Instagram – @somethingnavy

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