3 secrets to business success from the founder of Innocent Drinks

Who better to follow for business advice than people who have successfully launched their own careers? The BBC’s CEO Secrets series does exactly that, turning to some top creators from different industries for their best tips. 

We’re looking to one of the founders of Innocent Drinks, Richard Reed, for advice on turning your business dream into a reality. He spoke to the BBC as part of their CEO Secrets series about his top 3 must-know tips for making your business a success.

1. Know your team

The first piece of advice that Richard suggests is to build a small team of co-founders that have the same business ethos as you, but each have different skills. As he says, “great businesses come from great teams”, so make sure you have the same values and the same overall vision, but each bring something unique to the table.

2. Be inventive

Identify a gap in the market and fill it. Beat your competition by offering something that is better, something that will “make the consumer’s life better”, is Richard’s second piece of advice.

3. Jump in

Take a chance and don’t hesitate. Richard ends his chat by stating that you have to get yourself out there and learn as you go. So what are you waiting for?

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