Is office gossiping acceptable or totally wrong?

Office gossip and bitching is a fact of life. It features in every workplace. But is it ever ok? Dissing an old job, former colleagues or even people in the same industry as you doesn’t make you look very professional. 

Here are three reasons why it’s not a good idea to diss people at work. Take our poll and let us know what YOU think.

1. Saying your last boss was an idiot is not going to make you look very good

Being a team player, getting along with people and being professional are all things your new employer will expect from you. Being rude about a previous boss reflects away from your positive qualities. Bite your tongue and try and move on.

2. Be the bigger person

You never know when you may have to work with your previous colleagues again so be the bigger person and don’t slate them. The old saying is true, if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. Definitely don’t write anything about previous colleagues or people that work in the same industry as you on social media, even on your private Facebook account. Imagine if it got back to them!

3. If you are asked, be vague

An interviewer may ask you what you didn’t like about your past job/colleagues. Be as vague as possible, don’t name names. Keep your thoughts about how annoying the receptionist was or how much you hated one of your colleagues to yourself.

Now what?